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Limited Slip Collar / Martingale (no chain)

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This is a Limited Slip Collar and works similar to a Martingale! This collar slips over your dog's head and will tighten when pulled on but stops at a D ring which restricts the collar from tightening all the way.

Great for training or for dogs whose heads are smaller than their necks! 

Option to connect leash to the mid D ring to use as a flat collar!

  • 1" wide collars are made with Standard BioThane and solid brass D rings.
  • ⅝" wide collars are made with Super Heavy BioThane and solid brass O rings.


  • Measurements of our collar are when the collar is contracted the smallest it goes
  • Every collar has the ability to tighten 3" (collar size + 3" is the maximum size)
  • Please measure your dog's neck (do not measure their current collar) 
  • For dogs whose heads are larger than their necks, we recommend measuring the widest part of their head as this collar slips on

Example: If a 10" collar is ordered, it will tighten to 10" if pulled on. When relaxed, the collar will sit at 13". If your dog's neck is 11", you may (personal preference) want to order 10" so that your dog does not slip out of the collar when contracted. This also assumes that the dog's widest part of their head is less than 13" to slip the collar on.

All orders are custom made - please measure twice as we cannot accept refunds for incorrectly sized collars.

NOTE: Topical flea/tick medication may cause BioThane to fade or possibly stiffen. Please keep this in mind when purchasing. This may include, but is not limited to, Front Line and Seresto collars.

Please feel free to message us if you don't see any options listed in our shop that fit your training or adventuring needs.

Every item is handmade to order.



Solid Brass


Leashes are measured from tip of snap to end of handle

Care information

Rinse with warm water and mild soap if needed. Brass will not rust but may patina over time as with any metal.

Wipe dry your leash and hardware if wet to help maintain your gear. Salt water may quickly deteriorate BioThane and hardware. If in contact with sea water, we recommend immediately rinsing with fresh water and drying after use.

BioThane is durable but as with any webbing, not indestructable, please check your purchase for wear and replace when necessary.

Note on brass nameplates: Brass is a soft metal and the brass nameplates can bend if forced. Please take care in ensuring the nameplate section of the leash is not bent/curled when not in use.

Don't see an option that fits your needs or want to make a modification not listed?

After purchase, the proper and safe use of the products purchased is the customer's sole responsibility.

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