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Braided Ball on a String - Super Grip BioThane

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Reward and play with this ball on a BioThane Super Grip "string"!

Made with:

  • Chuckit! Medium Max Glow Ball OR 3" Chew King Ball OR 4.5" Yellow Foam Ball
  • Braided Ball on a String - no rivets
    • We recommend this option for training with milder tug play and dogs who prefer to carry their reward around like a prize!

For dogs who enjoy heavy tug play, we encourage you to explore our Ball Tug option!

This is not a chew toy and is not chew proof. We do not recommend playing tug if your dog gripped on the BioThane portion of the toy. Please note this toy is not indestructible.

All items are hand made to order.



Solid Brass


Leashes are measured from tip of snap to end of handle

Care information

Rinse with warm water and mild soap if needed. Brass will not rust but may patina over time as with any metal.

Wipe dry your leash and hardware if wet to help maintain your gear. Salt water may quickly deteriorate BioThane and hardware. If in contact with sea water, we recommend immediately rinsing with fresh water and drying after use.

BioThane is durable but as with any webbing, not indestructable, please check your purchase for wear and replace when necessary.

Note on brass nameplates: Brass is a soft metal and the brass nameplates can bend if forced. Please take care in ensuring the nameplate section of the leash is not bent/curled when not in use.

Don't see an option that fits your needs or want to make a modification not listed?

After purchase, the proper and safe use of the products purchased is the customer's sole responsibility.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Fabulous toy!!

I have such a good grip on this toy and I don’t get blisters! Love the two sizes and the glow ball being the medium size is so fun! I’m gonna recommend these to everyone I know!!!


I have the one with the knots on both ends and my dog is addicted to it. He will do anything for me to throw it for him which has made trading even more enjoyable for the both of us!!